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Noor Construction Consultants have deep understanding of Fire Doors, their types, usages, certification standards (BS:476), installation techniques and condition.

Our team has the experience and skill required to undertake fire door surveys and inspections whilst also providing photographic-evidence based fire door reports and recommendations. We have worked in a variety of sectors such as, commercial, residential, rail and education.

1. Why Do Fire Doors Matter?

Fire doors form a crucial part of any fire compartment. We often find clients instructing for inappropriate fire doors to be installed within their buildings. This could adversely affect fire compartmentation. We also often find fire doors installed incorrectly which again could impact negatively on the fire safety of the site. Whilst a Fire Risk Assessment may pick up on the general overview of fire doors within a building or site, a fire door survey gives much more insight and information on their condition, usage and appropriateness.

2. Which Regulations Govern Fire Doors?

On the 19th March 2020, The Home Office introduced the new Fire Safety Bill, in an effort to improve fire safety in buildings in England and Wales. The Bill has passed through the parliamentary process to become law – The Fire Safety Act 2021.


A crucial aspect that was included within this new piece of legislation was flat entrance doors (usually a FD30S) became the responsibility of the duty holder / building owner for multi-occupied, residential buildings.


Noor Construction Consultants hold specific expertise in assessing fire doors and their certificates (BS 476-22:1987) against their installation method. We are also aware of the common problems associated with fire doors in certain scenarios and how to overcome them i.e., Fire doors within high-rise purpose-built block of flats which are subjected to high levels anti-social behavior and sustained vandalism to fire doors.


Noor Construction Consultants are able to advise clients and responsible persons about their fire doors, their condition, their requirement and any remedial / renewal fire door works.

3. Better understanding fire doors

A fire door should be seen as a fire doorset which is tested and certified with its frame, any glazing, intumescent strips, cold smoke seals, hinges, self-closer and bespoke ironmongery. Fire door certification is a complicated and technical field which Noor Construction Consultants hold specific knowledge and expertise. We are able to advise clients about the correct specification of fire doors so compliance is achieved.


The Responsible Person should ensure fire doors are installed as they should be and are maintained and inspected regularly. That is when you call in Noor Construction Consultants for a fire door survey. That way, a competent person is appointed to ensure you remain compliant.

4. Conclusion

Having regular inspections for fire safety is important but it is a fact that one of the more neglected areas are fire doors. Make sure someone with experience and training inspects them for you. They are subject to wear and tear and damage like any other door so we can make sure that their fire rating is not adversely affected. Call us today to talk more.

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