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At Noor Construction Consultants we have the best in experience and expertise when you are looking for a complete and detailed fire risk assessment and fire compartmentation survey. We cover commercial, residential and industrial buildings as well as listed and heritage buildings. Our Fire compartmentation surveys are photographic-evidence based and we utilise existing floor plans to mark up and annotate specific locations.

Fire Compartmentation

Fire compartmentation usually refers to a room, a space or area which is designed to contain and compartment the effects of a fire. A good fire compartment stops fire and smoke from spreading from one to compartment to the next. The idea behind fire compartmentation is to protect residents, staff and building users so they can escape safely without the effects of a fire adversely affecting any fire escape routes. Usually, compartment walls, compartment floors, compartment ceilings and compartment fire doors make up a fire compartment. Fire stopping and compartmentation work is required when any breaches exist within the fire compartment; for example, services such as pipes and cables passing through one compartment to another. If these services or breaches in fire compartmentation are not adequately fire stopped (we normally insist that they are fire stopping by a 3rd party accredited fire stopping company) then this can cause fire and smoke to pass from one compartment to the next.


Fire compartmentation is very important for those buildings, like a block of flats or high rise tower blocks, where the fire evacuation is to stay put. For this fire strategy to work, there is heavy reliance on sound compartmentation to be present between flats and communal escape route compartments.


When you have a fire risk assessment undertaken, if the fire risk assessor notes breaches in the fire compartmentation; one of the action points that is usually raised is the recommendation to have a fire compartmentation survey undertaken. The fire risk assessor might have noted a lot of breaches in the fire compartment walls, floors or ceilings and felt that the building was at risk as a result. A Fire Compartmentation Survey can be intrusive or non-intrusive and usually advise clients on which type would be most beneficial depending on the building type and usage.

At Noor Construction Consultants, our fire compartmentation includes:

  • A desktop study of the existing fire strategy, floor plans, building type and usage.

  •  A site visit and survey looking at the different fire compartments and any breaches.

  • Assessing and inspecting existing fire stopping and commenting on its condition and adequacy.

  • Assessing construction materials used for fire compartment elements.

  • Producing a photographic-evidence based report which clearly portrays the key findings and recommendations / remedial works.


A fire compartmentation survey requires technical fire expertise that not only looks at the fire stopping breaches present; but also, looks deeper into the building, its type and usage in order to form a risk-balanced and risk proportionate report.

Noor Construction Consultants have fire engineers that are members of the Institute of Fire Engineers, Institute of Fire Safety Managers whilst having a strong rooted background in building surveying. This allows for a building to be judged, inspected and reported upon in a balanced way.

Call Noor Construction Consultants for your fire compartmentation survey needs.

If you need a survey or you are worried about whether your premises meet the required fire compartmentation standards then you can give us a call today or e-mail us your query and one of our fire engineers will review and respond.

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