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Fire Extinguishing System


Fire Compartmentation Drawings

Fire Compartmentation Drawings The building regulations sets functional requirements (via Approved Document B) that all buildings should have walls and floors that are fire-resistant that subdivide the building into compartments. These compartments create safe barriers between each compartment so that should there be a fire it does not spread rapidly but rather can be contained in one or a small number of compartments. At Noor Construction Consultants; we offer expert fire safety that includes practical, risk proportionate solutions that fall within the requirements of fire safety regulations. Included in this service are our fire compartmentation drawings which are also referred to as redline drawings.

1. More about Fire Compartmentation Surveys

Our top fire consultants perform fire compartmentation surveys and then present key findings in a clear report backed up with photographic evidence. Our consultants will highlight key problems with missing, defective or inappropriate fire stopping and fire compartmentation. When it comes to fire safety it is easy to consider high-risk areas but not do enough to ensure each compartment is secure. This means that there is a chance that responsible persons are not aware of the potential risk from fire and smoke spread via compartmentation deficiencies. Noor Construction Consultants survey all breaches and risks are identified so you can address the compartmentation breaches.


We usually request plans of your buildings so that we can form our fire compartmentation drawings on these. We then survey the site noting and photographing fire compartmentation breaches present and remedial works required. We will tell you what risk level your breaches are at and the probable causes. We can undertake both intrusive and non-intrusive surveys depending on your requirements.


When you know where the possible risks are and places where you are non-compliant you can take action to fix them! Be compliant and keep your building and the people working and living inside it safe. Our compartmentation drawings and findings can be shared with facilities staff, contractors and more so that they know where they need to take more care and avoid accidentally damaging compartment lines during upgrades and refurbishment works.


After all, buildings are constantly going through maintenance and repairs which introduces a risk to disturb fire compartmentation. A common example is the installing of air conditioning to an existing building where usually; cooling and power pipes / wiring are required to be fed outside by drilling through various fire compartments. It makes sense to consider having a regular inspection to make sure all the compartments remain compliant.

4. Summary

Noor Construction Consultants a high standard of fire safety surveying for fire compartmentation with professional and complete reports including detailed fire compartmentation drawings. When you need to undertake a fire risk assessment whether, for a commercial, industrial or residential property, we are the ones to call. We have a lot of experience in fire safety surveys and if you opt for this service alongside our fire compartmentation survey you can get a really accurate assessment of your property.

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